Fairy Tail

Here are some pictures of the most Strongest girl from Fairy Tail. She may look really pretty and cute but you need to watch your actions and make sure that you don’t make her angry because she could be a major problem when it comes to fighting. Her name is Erza Scarlet and she is really cool. She can change her clothes into other costumes and do anything.

Anime Girls

Here are some pictures of really beautiful Anime girls. You could say that they come from different animes. But their is one Anime that I know where they are from but the one that is holding a sword in it’s hands is actually a boy but this is a girl version of him. The anime that she comes from is Blue Exorcist. Hope you like the pictures of different kind of Anime girls and also please comment below if you know any of them from any Anime.

Diabolik Lovers

Here are some pictures of these brothers and their mother. One day, a girls father gave her away to 6 handsome people until she noticed that they are actually Vampires. Then on Season 2, Four more Vampires comes over because they can smell blood. Yui is a normal human girl, until her life get’s changed forever. Hope you would like the Anime, once you see it.

All About ME

All About ME

Hi my name is Rosie Henry and I am 11 years old and I will be turning 12 years old on October 14th 2016. I am a student by in my free time I like watching TV with my parents and with my little stupid sister and she is about 8 years old and turning 9 on November 19th 2016. My favourite sport is Rugby League, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball and a little bit of Touch. My favourite music is “Worth it” by Fifth of Harmony. My Favourite TV show is Wakfu and Regular show. There use to be an Anime on Cartoon Network and the show was called Monsuno.  I really hope you look forward to my next post.